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There is development of a lipid rescue orderset for our institution. Should our orderset recommend decreasing the rate for treatment of local anesthetic toxicity to 0.025 ml/kg/min after stabilization of patient?? I am reluctant to run the infusion at this low rate, as I read your posts frequently (thanks) and I couldn't find a successful LAST resuscitation where the 0.025 ml/kg/min rate was used.
For local anesthetic toxicity I do not see any recommendations in the literature to decrease the rate to 0.025 ml/kg/min. I see references in the ED literature for the lower infusion rate where I presume the infusions are run for longer periods of time due to longer half lives of the medications, differing mechanisms of cardiac toxicity, and higher likelihood of reaching maximum daily dose of 12 ml/kg/day.
Thank you
June 14, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterSusanne Rupert, MD