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Last week we had a patient scheduled for knee surgery. We decided to do a sciatic and femoral nerve block. We started with the sciatic nerve block and we did it with nerve stimulation and we use 20ml of local anesthetic (a mix of bupivacaine 0,5% 10ml + lidocaine 1% 10ml). Previous to the block we sedate him with 2mg of midazolam and 50mcg of fentanyl. I must say that the patient was very anxious before the procedure. At 15ml of the mix the patient starts to complain and said that he wasn't feeling ok, immediately he became agitated and the oxygen drop to 80%. no cardiovascular abnormality at the monitor. We did mask ventilation to rise the oxygen levels and the patients 45 seconds later stars to feel better.
The big question is: with these symptoms it is useful to do lipid infusion?? early should we use lipids???....which is the sign were you say lets use lipids???
November 4, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterJUAN PABLO ARISTIZABAL