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When I had my second child, my labor did not progress well and after 36 hours of labor, the practitioner decided to start a Pitocin infusion. I requested an epidural due to my fatigue. I had an epidural placed by an anesthesiologist. At the time of insertion, I had shooting pain down my right leg which I immediately reported to the practitioner and he dismissed it. They repositioned me in bed in a supine semi-fowlers position and the practitioner gave me a bolus dose via the epidural. Prior to the injection, I requested a low dose due to my narcotic naivety. The practitioner stated "You will be fine" and injected the bolus. Immediately, my face went numb, I began to itch my face aggressively, and I felt like I lost the ability to swallow. I reported all these findings to the practitioner who responded by pouring water in my mouth that I reflexively swallowed but never felt. My blood pressure and oxygen saturations fell and I was given two rounds of ephedrine and three rounds of narcan (I do not know the doses). The staff also started infusing two liters of fluid rapidly. I do not know what actually reversed all my symptoms but eventually they did subside. However, the entire episode stopped my labor completely. The Pitocin was started after I recovered. During the delivery phase of the labor, the anesthesiologist re-entered the room and felt I was suffering from too much discomfort. The nurse informed him that I did not desire any further epidural medication or for his assistance but he disregarded this information and gave a bolus dose of lidocaine (or some type of "caine"). This medication eliminated my innervation of everything from my abdomen and distal. However, it did not stop my labor, thankfully. I also did not have any hemodynamic or CNS symptoms with this dose. Needless to say, this anesthesiologist no longer practices at our institution (not because I took action against him which in hindsight and in learning about LAST I wish I had). So, to my question, would the initial set of symptoms be classified as a LAST episode or a miss placed epidural catheter? I would really appreciate a reply from a clinical expert in this complication. If this is a LAST episode, should I refuse any epidural infusions in the future? Are there certain medications that I should list as an allergy?

Thank you in advance!
December 11, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterC. Hamilton, RN
The first injection was intravenous. The second injection was intraspinal. Fortunately small doses. The epidural catheter should have been replaced after the first injection.
Joseph Eldor, MD
January 23, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterJoseph Eldor, MD