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Woman in her 30s presents in cardiac arrest with at least 30 minutes of CPR in the field having been found down in a hotel room. Unclear whether there was a toxic ingestion. PEA with a wide QRS complex and large terminal voltages in aVR. Gave sodium bicarbonate with narrowing of the QRS and subsequent ROSC. Had a perfusing rhythm for the next few minutes and then another cardiac arrest with a wide complex QRS without clear arrhythmia. Gave more sodium bicarb and ILE 1.5 mL/kg, and she had sustained ROSC for a period of hours. Head CT suggestive of anoxic brain injury. Made it to the ICU but then developed ARDS and multi organ dysfunction and life sustaining therapy was withdrawn. Tox pending.
April 10, 2018 | Unregistered CommenterEmergency physician