Dr. Guy Weinberg has been practicing anesthesiology for 22 years. Before making the jump to perioperative care, he trained and became board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics. He is now a Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Illinois College of Medicine in Chicago and also works at the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center. In 1998 Dr. Weinberg began working on the metabolic effects of local anesthetics and discovered that an infusion of lipid emulsion could protect against and correct local anesthetic cardiac toxicity. In 2006, the first case of successful LipidRescue was published and Dr. Weinberg began this website, dedicated to informing the medical community of this important means of treating otherwise fatal toxicity. It was subsequently reported that lipid infusion can reverse neurological signs of toxicity from local anesthetics. It is now also shown that LipidRescue also works for other types of toxin-induced cardiac arrest when the offending agent is highly fat soluble.  The hope is that many types of drug-induced CNS or cardiac toxicities could be treated by LipidRescue.

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